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Bladder stones (also known as uroliths) can form for a number of reasons: urinary tract infections, urine pH, breed predisposition, concurrent disease, and nutrition. Even dogs fed a good quality diet can develop bladder stones due to the individual dog’s metabolism. Bladder stones take time to develop even though the signs of urinary accidents, bloody urine, straining or pain on urination can appear to have a sudden onset.


The treatment for most bladder stones is cystotomy surgery. The abdomen will be shaved. The incision will extend lengthwise along the abdomen. The bladder will be surgically opened to remove the bladder stone(s). Then the urethra will be flushed to remove any small stones or debris. The bladder stone(s) are sent to the University of Minnesota Urolith center for analysis. Knowing the type of bladder stone present helps the veterinarian to determine which diet would be best to feed to try to prevent stone recurrence. In general, increasing the liquid in the diet helps to flush out the urinary tract to reduce stone development.

Non-surgical options:

One type of bladder stone (struvite) may be dissolved with a special diet and antibiotics. All other types of stones cannot be dissolved by diet and antibiotics alone without surgery.

Surgery aftercare:

  1. Daily monitor the incision for any redness, swelling or discharge.
  2. Do NOT allow your dog to lick at the incision.
  3. Give all medications as directed.
  4. Feed a canned senior diet until the results of the bladder stone analysis are available.
  5. Offer plenty of fresh water.
  6. Restrict exercise for 10-14 days after surgery to leash walking only.
  7. No running, jumping, swimming, or bathing for 10-14 days after surgery.

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